áo lớp giá rẻ áo gia đình cổ tròn

Category benefits:

    - One free bottle of JW XR 21 years worth VND 7,900,000

    - One free bottle of Singleton 12 years worth VND 3,500,000 (applied to first time member only)

    - A free cigar box worth VND 3.500.000

Terms & conditions:

    - Members are individuals Annual fee VND 4,000,000, not covered in the membership price.

    - Paid once a year/card The top-up in less than 6 months from the previous payment entitles members to the benefits like the first time member.

    - If the top-up is more than 6 months from the prior payment, members get the regular category benefits.

ghe da ghe da gia re