áo lớp giá rẻ áo gia đình cổ tròn
  • Minimum balance of 10% on the card value is required. Members will be notified of the balance to top up the account
  • The card is valid for one year from the registration date. The card and the balanced amount in the account automatically expire then.
  • VAT is included in the price of the membership
  • VAT invoices can be issued at the time of membership purchase or at the time of bills paid for the consumptions at the club
  • Annual fee:
    • If membership is purchased in the year, the annual fee will be calculated based on the remaining time of the year.
    • Deadline for annual fee payment is 31st January every year. If the fee is paid after this deadline, the card and the balanced amount in the account are deemed to expire.
  • The membership is transferable. The transfer fee is VND 5,000,000. Benefits for transferred members are not applied like new members  in this case.
  • The free bottles of liquor are under the terms of bottle keep at Maxim’s Club
  • The balance amount in the account is not convertible to cash if members want to close the account
  • Maxim’s Club reserves the right to change the brands of liquor and cigars with equivalent values
  • If the bill amount is greater than the remaining balance in the account, member has to settle the different in cash or credit card
  • In case of loss, member must contact customer service immediately to lock the account. ID card is required to issue a new card.
  • This program is for adults older than 18 years
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